Rio de Janeiro, with approximately 12 million people within the metropolitan area, is working towards its goal to be a modern high-technology city with an efficient transport system. In recent years the region has  made large investments by expanding the metro system, developing  bus rapid transit etc. The public transport system is now significantly improved to meet both the needs of everyday users in the city as well as temporary visitors coming to Rio de Janeiro for vacation or events such as  the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

However, there is currently a need for more useful information services regarding public transport and and other types of urban mobility. This issue is especially important for inexperienced travellers like temporary visitors and tourists. And this what Olympic City Transport Challenge is all about.

By using open data provided by the city and other transport actors we invite anyone who has ideas and knowledge on how to turn open transport data into useful digital services. Read more about the contest, explore the open datasets, and register to enter!