The Olympic City Transport Challenge is designed to encourage all interested parties (each a “Contestant”) to use their creativity to develop new innovative digital services, helping citizens and visitors to transport themselves around Rio, both during the Rio Olympic Games and beyond. Viktoria Swedish ICT (”Viktoria”) is responsible for and arranges the Contest. The City of Rio de Janeiro will actively participate and promote the winning service under the brand Cidade Olímpica [1] that the winner will use after the Contest. Evry AB (“Evry”) will provide the technology and support of the developers platform.

Who can participate

Any company, individual or team of individuals is welcome to participate in the Olympic City Transport Challenge. However, companies or individuals with ties to the jury members are not eligible to participate.

Important dates

The Contest is divided into several stages, encompassing a number of milestones and related activities. The Contest Period begins on November 1, 2015 and is scheduled as follows:

2015-11-03  Registration opens
2015-12-07  Concept submission
2015-12-21  Announcement of finalists
2016-03-15  Application Submission, including non-mandatory links to published apps
2016-04-01  Finale and Categories Winners are appointed

Submission requirements

The aim of the Contest is to facilitate development of smartphone apps helping citizens and visitors at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. All submissions are done through the contest website.

Overall requirements

All contestants will be granted access to the developers platform. Information on how to obtain access to the platform can be retrieved from the contest website.

The winning app should be able to support two languages (English and Portuguese). The language in the submitted app should therefore either be English or Portuguese, or both English and Portuguese

The contest includes two submissions, one for the concept phase and one for the implementation phase.

Concept phase submission

The concept phase submission should include an idea description and be submitted through the contest website. The idea description could consist of text, pictures or other media and must include:

A selected number of participants will be invited to continue into the implementation phase.

Implementation phase submission

The implementation phase submission must include an description of the service and may also include, if applicable, information about the published app in an application marketplace or a link to a web site. The submissions in done through Contest website.

The app description could consist of text, pictures or other media and must include:

If the submission is a smartphone app the submission could include a link to the published app in or more of the following application marketplaces:

If the submission is a web application the submission could include a link to the web site.

Since it is crucial that the service is launched prior to the Olympics, contestants that have not published their service by March 15 need to include convincing arguments that the service will be ready before June 1st.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of the Implementation Phase Submissions will be done in two steps.

  1. First, the Jury (appointed by Viktoria) will assess which of the concept phase submissions that are qualified to meet the challenge of the contest. No more than 50 submissions will go through to the implementation phase.
  1. Second, a winner will be appointed based on criteria related to a) the degree which the app meets the challenge b) usability c) contestants ability to finalize and sustain the service d) innovative use of open data.

These assessments are final and cannot be appealed.


The prize for the winning team is the usage of the Cidade Olímpica brand, controlled by the Rio de Janeiro City Hall. The use of the brand will effectively support the winning teams in attaining fast recognition for their services.

Moreover, the winning teams of challenge category 2. Comfort and accessibility and 3. Experiencing the Olympic Games will also receive 25.000 SEK for traveling to Rio de Janeiro prior to the Olympic Games.

Since services launched under the Cidade Olímpica brand will be available after the Olympic Games, we would like to put attention to contestants that some maintenance may be needed by contestants also after the Olympic Games. The objective of the contest is to promote services that improve transportation on a long-term basis.

Intellectual Property

The Contestant(s) retains ownership of all intellectual property rights in and to its intellectual property used and/or incorporated in the developed App, including documentation, submitted to the Challenge. However, the organizers of the contest maintain the right to use Submissions for communicative purposes.