As a part of improving urban transport in Rio de Janeiro new data will be published through a developers platform, provided by Evry. The platform will be available to developers in December 2015 and will enable access to data concerning buses, metro and Olympic events. Web seminars about the developers platform will be conducted shortly.

New data sources

Information about consuming data from API

Currently available data

The data currently available include information about routes, stops and vehicle position. Soon we will make available more data on e.g. buses, metros and Olympic events. You are of course not limited to use the data presented here and we encourage you to support us in identifying data that you believe is missing.

Transport data

Data Description Type
GPS from BRT Buses Real-time bus position information for the BRT system, including feeder lines JSON, PDF, CSV
GPS City buses Real-time bus position information JSON, PDF, CSV
Bus stops Bus stops PDF, CSV
Bus Lines Bus routes PDF, CSV
Boat stops Boat stops PDF, CSV
Subway stations for the Metro Subway stations PDF, CSV
Metro lines Subway routes PDF, CSV
Train stations Commuter train stations PDF, CSV
Commuter train routes Commuter train routes PDF, CSV
History traffic History of planned or unplanned traffic events PDF, CSV
Mountain Railway stops Mountain Railway stations PDF, CSV
Mountain Railway Lines Mountain Railway routes PDF, CSV
Taxi Taxi postition PDF, CSV


Tourist information

Data Description Type
Hotels List of hotels in Rio de Janeiro PDF, CSV
Monuments A list of monuments with information about authorship, location, history and photo PDF, CSV
Beach City beaches PDF, CSV
Museums List of museums PDF, CSV
Common Tourist information Tourist and cultural attractions of the city, museums, beaches, gardens, exhibition centers, etc. PDF, CSV